Give’ it back

A seagull has a similar bite on the head and does not let him go, to give him back what belongs…

Defender saves the goal with a heroic effort (Russia)

The defense of FC Rostov, Evgeni Chernov, made a heroic effort to defend the goal of his team against Lokomotiv Moscow.

High level domino

A huge bridge chopsticks Kapla, collapses to form domino.

Snaps on the toilet seat

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A man falls victim to a prank by his girlfriend, who put snaps under the toilet seat.

2 cats and 1 bell

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Cats learn quickly, when it comes to their food.

Three strange physics problems

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Why not increase the pressure in a closed bottle of coca-cola if you move; How salt affects the temperature and what happens when you take a ring through a loop chain;

Invasion of bats in Queensland, Australia

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Hundreds of thousands of bats have invaded Ingham city in Queensland, Australia, and residents are upset. Bats now beyond the city's residents and locals have asked the municipality to make […]

Hawk vs. Hare

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A brave hare battling against a hawk who attacked. The scene was filmed in southern Russia.

While sharks sleep…

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A diver approaches a herd of sharks, when suddenly appears in front of an odd fish.

Painting with glue and sand

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Gorée Island Senegal, an artist uses glue and sand to paint.

There are two kinds of dogs

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With a hose in hand, a man shows us that there are two kinds of dogs: those who love water, those who hate.

Aluminum Ring Case

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The Degrees of Freedom workshop manufactures aluminum trays, have a surprising mechanism inspired by kaleidokyklous. A case like this costs $ 899.

How the koala sounds

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Have you ever wondered how a koala sounds when shouting;

Dog tries a pickle

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A man gives a pickle on the dog to see his reaction.

Impressive skate slalom

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The 16 year old Feng Hui from China is the world champion in slalom with skates. Here we see the performance she gave the first place in the contest Roller Games 2017 in Nanjing China.

A cat hanging out with the symphony orchestra

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A stray cat invades the CRR Concert Hall in Istanbul, and climbs up on stage with the orchestra.

School bus overturned after colliding with car

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Thursday December 19, 2019, a school bus was hit by a Ford Mustang, which passed a red light in Thornville, Ohio in United States. Eight high school students were injured as well as Joseph […]

A fisherman retrieves his hat

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A fisherman's hat falls into the water, but the man manages to catch it again using the reed of.