Why is Stephen Fry so passionate with the ancient Greeks;

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British author, actress, journalist and comedian Stephen Fry among others, says little about his new book “Heroes”, and explains why he admires so much the ancient Greek culture and mythology.

A dog asks for forgiveness

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Hector, a Labrador who lives in Italy, do whatever,What is possible to be forgiven by his boss. I downloaded the ears, You will get a sad expression and put his head on […]

Theresa May finds the precious Brexit agreement

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The Theresa May gets into the hands of the “invaluable” the Brexit agreement. Actor Andy Serkis revived the character of Gollum from “Lord of the Rings” to satirize the Theresa May in a very […]

“Someday the computer will fit on a desk” (1974)

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The science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke makes 1974 the bold assertion that future computers will have small size.

That operate at speeds drive

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A video of 1936 by Chevrolet, that explains in detail how much work our car speeds. The engine remains the same until today.

Only one wife;

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The journalist Mark Dolan meets a man in the United Arab Emirates, who has 17 wives.

The labors of Hercules to 8-bit

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Hercules, smitten with a curse madness by Hera, It has just committed the most unspeakable crime imaginable. Seeking to restore the deaths of his family, must complete noon weak […]

Where does the word OK come from;

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OK is considered the most recognized word in the world. The constantly use to communicate with each other, and technology. But that began and established the OK as word;

Xifosoura: prehistoric crab with blue blood

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The xifosoura or horseshoe crab is an arthropod which is related to arachnids which first appeared the Ordovician and exists today. Their blood is precious as it is used in the LAL test, […]

The amazing dioramas of Lee Won-hui

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The modeller Lee Won-hui from N. Korea, reproduces scenes from historical wars with some very realistic dioramas.

The change of the hour

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A brief history and explanation of daylight saving time, and for those who wonder why should we change our clocks every six months.

Tired with questions of his wife, an armored officer takes her to work

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An armor officer in Russia was tired of the constant questions of his wife, what makes the job. So he decided to make a tour of the workplace.

The experiment of quantum physics

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The most important experiment that helps us to understand the theory of quantum physics, is this with two slits. The experiment has divided the scientific community about what exactly happens when a particle […]

The pollution of plastic

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Modern life would be impossible without plastic, but we lost some time checking. Because the plastic has become a major pollution problem and what we know about the dangers of; a training […]

How spiders use their silk to fly

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Some species of spiders are able to fly using the technique of balloon flight (ballooning). Ejects a net of silk fibers until the air friction on the fibers to be large enough to […]