Bad friends

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In an excerpt from the show “Live at the Comedy Store”, Comedian Louis CK tells us about bad friends, self-knowledge and America.

Inside the cheeks of a hamster

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In this excerpt from the new show “Pets: Wild at Heart” that aired Wednesday on British channel BBC One, a hamster passes x-ray as it fills pockets in the cheeks with […]

What happens when countries play Risk

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What happens when countries play together a lot of the famous table Risk domination game; A funny skit from the comic team Foil Arms and Hog.

What happens to our body when cut smoking;

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We already know that smoking kills, but you might not realise just how dramatically can improve our health quitting smoking. And all this is happening in only a few days. An interesting video […]

Why Socrates hated democracy

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We are accustomed to consider democracy the most fair system for electing our leaders. But it is interesting that one of the wisest people that ever lived, Socrates, He had deep thoughts about […]

Do you want to save the children;

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When someone on the street asks us donation to help needy children, usually the ignore. We do not know, however, that with only a few money we can save a child! A funny skits from comedians […]

The story of a plastic spoon

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From August 2nd, humanity has consumed all the resources we can produce our planet at a time. Every year, This "day of overtaking" is increasingly early. With the opportunity […]

The Usain Bolt sprinter against all the past 116 years

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The comparison between Usain Bolt and other sprinter, from the first Olympic Games of 1896 until today.

How a fire can help a forest

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Definitely start a forest fire by human factors is bad. We know. But perhaps we do not know how important a fire for ecosystem. This video from TED Ed […]

When your friends say they hate Despacito

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Three friends from Italy reviewed the major Hit summer “Despacito”. A funny skit by comedian team The Jackal.

Lions vs. buffalo in a tough battle

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With the heat almost at 50 degrees Celsius in the plains of Zambia, lions trying to hunt a solitary buffalo facing away from the flock. But the buffalo is determined not to succumb […]

This is not the problem…

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"This is not the problem, the problem is that you don't hear me ". How many times has someone heard of man these words from the [...]

The deadly trap of myrmileonta

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In desert Namib wherein the sand can be reached at the temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, very few creatures able to survive, but thermophilic ant (Ocymyrmex) can thrive. Apart from […]

The flying fish

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Fish of the family Exocoetidae have developed fins in their gills, which give them the possibility to be ejected and suspended [...]

A capricious vampire

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If you encounter a different religion vampire, We need alternatives as we see in this Mexican movie.