The perfect imitation

A man imitates in amazing detail the video of a woman on Instagram.

Quick cleaning on the computer

A man has found a clever technique to clean his computer desktop. Moves files and folders under the rug…

A weasel mom wants to show her babies

A weasel wants to lead a man to her nest, to show him her newborn babies.

A pilot in a glider loses control

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A man on a glider has trouble handling, when a rope leaves its position during the flight. For several minutes, will try to put the cable back in place […]

The duck with the artificial leg

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The duck named Waddles has a disability in his left leg. The owner addressed the company Bionic Pets, to make a prosthetic leg with 3D printing.

Advertising of an insurance company from the Netherlands

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A funny ad from the insurance company Centraal Beheer from the Netherlands.

Cyclists against car

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A car is on the track of a cycling race. Although the driver was waiting for the cyclists to pass by, some of them will not see the car and will collide on it.

A police weapon lock opens in 1 second

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The ELS 300 lock from Big Sky Racks, is a weapon locking system used by the police in the USA, and is placed inside patrol cars. LockPickingLawyer managed to open such a lock with […]

A paralyzed cat that runs very fast

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A cat is paralyzed in the hind legs, but that does not stop her from running very fast inside the house.

The tragic goal of the goalkeeper

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On Tuesday 15 June 2021 during a 2022 World Cup qualifier between Canada and Haiti, Haiti goalkeeper Josué Duverger scores an incredible own goal against his team. While […]

Interrupting a party, with jet ski

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Young people party in small boats not far from the shore with very loud music, which seems to bother their neighbors. Two of them will pay them a short visit […]

A caracal plays with a balloon

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A caracal on a bed, has the curiosity to touch a balloon with his fingernails.

A Greenpeace activist almost fell on the stands of the Euro

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On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, A superlight aircraft of Greenpeace almost crashed into the stands shortly before the start of the France-Germany football match for Euro 2021. The paramilitary activist was caught on a cable […]

Various items in the destroyer

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An industrial destroyer crushes various objects, giving us a sense of enjoyment.

The mpasketmpolistries mixing

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During a basketball match for the Under-17 Women's World Basketball Championship in the Czech Republic in 2014, We observe a series of bizarre incidents. The game was between Mexico and Slovakia, and while […]

Cristiano Ronaldo takes the Coca-Cola bottles out in front of him

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During the press conference before the Hungary-Portugal match, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly took out the two Coca-Cola bottles (sponsor Euro 2020) from the table and said "Drink water".

Lamp replacement without ladder

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A man changes a light bulb in a narrow toilet without using a ladder. To do this, rests against the walls with his legs and back, and climbs until it reaches […]