Give’ it back

A seagull has a similar bite on the head and does not let him go, to give him back what belongs…

Defender saves the goal with a heroic effort (Russia)

The defense of FC Rostov, Evgeni Chernov, made a heroic effort to defend the goal of his team against Lokomotiv Moscow.

High level domino

A huge bridge chopsticks Kapla, collapses to form domino.

Jetpack Flight Over Dubai

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On Friday February 14th “JetMan” Vince Reffet took off from Jumeirah beach in Dubai, and traveled 1,800 meters above sea level but speed of 240 km / h.

When men are having fun

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Three men in Argentina have a hilarious new game that just discovered, while a woman is wondering who is funny.

Detour by bike

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The Vittorio Brumotti makes a detour to a channel on his bike.

The pig does not want to get out of bed

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A woman wakes up in the pet pig sleeping in bed, But he does not show much appetite to get.

The seesaw of death

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A very dangerous game in an arena, where two people hanging from a seesaw should avoid the attack of a bull. We can say they were lucky.

Dog trying to jump the tennis net

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On a tennis court, Maxi the dog runs to the net and trying to get over it. But the jump would be very premature, will fall over the net and make […]

Cut it out!

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A small dog crying impatiently in a car, when the owner departs. A second dog sitting in the front passenger seat can not stand the nagging, and the barking annoyed.

The shots of the soldier

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In a bar in Ireland, a man takes to meet the challenge “the shots of soldier”. You should drink five consecutive shots wearing a helmet, and each time you drink a shot or barmaid […]

A bird that sews its nest

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To build their nest, the tailor birds (Tailorbirds) sew leaves with their beak using plant fibers. An examination of their nests showed that they can use more than a dozen different knots.

The flying BMW

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Driving under the influence of alcohol, a driver in Long Beach, California runs at high speed a roundabout, and BMW's off after passing over a boulder.

One trick to enter everywhere for free

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Carrying a ladder, two friends manage to get free cinema and a museum, without anyone to control them.

A child does the trick “skiing with head”

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A child tries to perform a jump on skis, but ultimately ends in a funny attitude. At the end of the ramp will fall in front of his head, while the helmet will continue to slide […]

Spectacular landing in strong winds

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On February 15, 2020 during the storm Dennis in London, a pilot makes a great landing of an A380 aircraft at Heathrow airport.

An elevator 1913

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The elevator Titan Paternoster built in 1913 and can be seen here in a building in Copenhagen, Denmark. Located continuously in motion with the one hand is movable upwardly and the […]

When you realize that your opponent is a giant

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The rather surprised look of Tyler Hansbrough, when he sees the height 2.24 meters Boban Marjanovic as approaching to mark the.