Give’ it back

A seagull has a similar bite on the head and does not let him go, to give him back what belongs…

Defender saves the goal with a heroic effort (Russia)

The defense of FC Rostov, Evgeni Chernov, made a heroic effort to defend the goal of his team against Lokomotiv Moscow.

High level domino

A huge bridge chopsticks Kapla, collapses to form domino.

The most realistic “fake” meat

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The engineer and inventor Mark Rober visits Beyond Meat companies and Impossible Foods, and see firsthand how to create the most realistic in texture and taste of meat, exclusively from natural ingredients.

Cycling against the wind

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Sunday February 9, 2020 in the Netherlands, 250 cyclists started along a bridge in the middle of the North Sea, to complete a cycling 9km against the winds of the storm Ciara. The […]

Jumping off a cliff (fail)

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The Elisabeth Twilley performs a dive off a cliff, showing a perfect technique trained with the entry into the water.

Dog escapes from its owner and attacks a jogger

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In The United States, solved by a dog leash and muzzle, escapes from its owner and attacking a man who made jogging. The woman tried in vain to restrain the dog, who […]

Dangerous stunts on a motorcycle

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Wearing thongs of, a man will make us a demonstration of acrobatics on a motorcycle skills.

How the autopilot of a car can be fooled

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Simple images of people and marks displayed on the road can easily fool the modern automatic driving systems and driver assistance. A defect which one could exploit for malicious actions, as stated in the […]

Squirrel trying to get the bird food

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A squirrel tries to get a container with food bird lying on top of a slim style. But fails to climb and slides with funny way down.

A dog helps with the laundry

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Jonsi The dog lies down on the couch in the living room when he sees his owner in a very difficult situation, as it carries the washed clothes on the first floor of the house. A sock fell to the ground and […]

Explosion in a tunnel

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A striking shock wave caused by the explosion inside a tunnel.

Protection against coronavirus in an elevator in China

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To avoid contact with the buttons of an elevator in China, the installers created a prototype system with toothpicks.

Rescue and care for a dog with deformed legs

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The Agency “Stray Paws” rescued and took care of a dog with a serious injury in the legs, who was abandoned by the previous owner.

The spirit level of a mason in Brazil

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A builder in Brazil found the ideal spirit level for his work: a glass of beer.

Forester frees two deer with one shot

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Ο Russ Wright, a forester in Alberta, Canada,met two deer that had become entangled with their horns. With a precision shot, They broke their horns and released.

The goalkeeper got angry

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A goalkeeper frustrated with triple opposing offensive, and makes a hard foul.

sacred cat

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A cat with her head under a desk lamp, and music by piece “Ameno” the ERA.