Stephen Hawking: People who boast about their IQ are losers

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Excerpt from an interview with Piers Morgan for British TV.

How do you escape calling for speeding

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Forget the excuses every time you stop for inspection. This method is most effective!

The angry unicorn

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Kevin from France shows us that resembles an angry unicorn.

Homeopathy: mild treatment or a big scam;

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This very interesting video from the channel Kurzgesagt, explains everything you need to know about homeopathy.

Pack of wolves chasing a hare

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in Arctic, wolves have to work hard for their meals. One of the biggest game they can find in the area, the rabbit, It is incredibly nimble and can reach a speed […]

An accident in social networks

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Three young adults are moving close to a serious car accident. They will come out, They will approach the accident and take photos that will publish online. With their curiosity and reactions from social […]

How to break a glass of wine with your voice

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Our Johnson Gus shows the technique that can break someone a glass of wine with his voice. Will contest the cup saying among other things that can only be used for […]

Buying gifts that you would like for yourself

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Sometimes we make someone a gift that we want for ourselves. The Dave got some such gifts from his family on holidays. A funny little skits from comedians of Third […]

A responsible dog warding off birds from airport

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This is Piper, dog aviation, who are always ready when he calls the task. Along with his trainer Brian Edwards, the dynamic duo protects aircraft at Cherry Capital Airport […]


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When comes the critical time to use the shelter, a man decides to avenge his wife. A short black comedy by Gaspar Palacio.

Monty Python: Latin Courses

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From the movie Life of Brian Monty Python's (1979)

On the battlefield

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The crabs are attacked and injured by the galazopodaroys mpoyfoys on Kliperton island of Central America. After the great battle, need to amputate alone injured limbs. Excerpt from the series "The odyssey […]

Galileo's experiment in the largest vacuum chamber

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A bowling ball and a feather are dropped from the same height, at the same time. Which of the two will arrive faster in soil; Physics Professor Brian Cox from the BBC, visits the largest […]

Scots breath tests

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The Scottish police make an innovative alcohol test in this funny skit of the BBC.

The fair mug of Pythagoras

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Pythagoras, According to local tradition of Samos, He has made a mug by applying the laws of physics to drinking in moderation [...]