The clever spider

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They are known to eat other spiders, The Portia is a kind of jumping spider can jump up to 50 times the length of the body. In some very impressive close-ups, We see how […]

Spider in the web 25 is measured as a bridge

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The “spider Darwin” (Caerostris Darwin) You can build a circular 25 meter web, while secreting silk is the most durable natural material that has been studied.

Lemurs take drugs

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Lemurs use toxic substances have the centipedes, in order to ward off insects and get drunk… Excerpt from the documentary series “Spy in the Wild” by BBC.

A very nice advertisement of Volvo

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A little girl is anxious the first day of school, while her mom tries to give her courage. This is a very good advertisement for the new Volvo model XC60, released […]

How a salamander regenerates its ends

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Salamanders can regenerate their limbs when they amputate. In this brief presentation, we see how the stem cells allow regeneration.

Sarunas Jasikevicius journalist explains the important things in life

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The Sarunas Jasikevicius, coach of Zalgiris basketball team in Lithuania, answers a question about the lack of Augusto Lima, who did not play because of the birth of his child. The question was on 20 […]

agent 327: barber business

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The Hendrik IJzerbroot, known under the name Agent 327, is a spy working for the secret services of Holland. In this short story, the agent goes to a barber for a very dangerous […]

The Chinatown in Athens

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Although the Chinese began to migrate to Greece too late compared to other countries, Today Athens is the newest Chinatown in Europe. Trying to thoroughly understand the Chinese community in Greece, […]

The most dangerous job in the world

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On the Indonesian island of Java, men extract sulfur inside the volcano Ljen. The crater is filled with a mixture of highly toxic gases, which have taken the lives of more than 70 miners in recent […]

Bullfighters against dinosaurs

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In an arena, The bullfighters are faced with dinosaurs. It is the bullfight of a bygone era; An awareness campaign conducted by the French Federation for the abolition of bullfighting (FLAC).

The proper response to a feminist

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Feminist in tv Panel gets the appropriate response after a rant rant.

Wonderful artwork of a fish

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In Japan, a male fish pafer paints in the sand ring (rosette) Rose shaped, in order to attract females. Males pafer fish use their fins to dig furrows in the sand […]

How to avoid being caught by the police

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When arrested for drug possession, a man applies an ingenious trick.

Richard Feynman: The Train

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One of the greatest physicists of the century, the Richard Feynman, explains how a train moving on the lines. Certainly not have thought this.

what were wearing;

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What if a theft victim had the same treatment as a rape victim; A man goes to the police station to make a complaint, after they stole the phone and clock. But […]