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Walking like a fish

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The coin gun

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Glove light

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Sense of rhythm

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MMA fight during a videoconference

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A man does an MMA fight while wearing a laptop and a green screen during a video conference. A video directed by Frankie LaPenna.

Nadal takes too long to serve

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Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal takes way too long to serve against Serbian Novak Djokovic during a match at Wimbledon. A montage directed by Bill Smith with excerpts from the 2018 semi-final.

DJ song choice fail

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During a prom in the United States, a student in a wheelchair is elected prom queen and must dance with her male counterpart. The DJ then chooses to play Ed Sheeran's “Thinking Out Loud”, a […]

An artificial intelligence plays “hide and seek”

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A programmer plays with an artificial intelligence by giving simple rules to 2 groups of individuals and providing them with blocks of elements that they can manipulate. One group must catch the other, and the […]

Red Hot Chili Peppers from India

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What if the famous American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers came from India. A musical mashup directed by Portuguese guitarist Andre Antunes with a video by Indian singers Nooran Sisters.

Instant karma

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Little girl laughs at her mother who prefers to go down the hill on foot.

Nice shot at giant Jenga

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A girl makes a nice move during a game of giant Jenga.