Horse kicking a toddler

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Saturday night on a street in Sam Son Vietnam, a small boy approached a horse to annoy. The animal immediately showed disturbed throwing a kick in air, but […]

Activists throwing bleach On the crotch of men that open their feet in the subway (Russia)

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Anna Ntovgkaliouk, activist from St. Petersburg, It started on 25 September a video manifesto dedicated to the fight against «manspreading», the habit of some men sitting with open walk to public transport. The Ntovgkaliouk […]

The Anatomy of a Murder

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In July 2018, a creepy video began circulating on social networks. Shows two women and two small children are led to execution, a group of Cameroonian soldiers. Their eyes are tied, thrown […]

Top Gear – Pussy Energy Drink

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Top Gear – Pussy Energy Drink

Caught in the act by his girlfriend

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A young man forgot to disconnect the iPhone from the TV when he went to the toilet, and he was caught red-handed by his girlfriend.

A cat performs a blowjob to a dog

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Weirdness from the internet

Time in America with Lore Gálvez

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The best chapters of former and current Toc Show Nessun Dorma in UCV TV Francisca Undurraga – Franbulosa – Fran Undurraga – Francisca Large – DivinaFran – Fran Large – Flavia Fucenecco – Flafuce – […]

Terry Crews recalls sexual assault before the US Senate

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Terry Crews appears before congress to testify on the Survivors’ Bill of Rights, and to discuss his own sexual assault experience.

Anonymous Hero Donates Hospital 200 Human Kidneys

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Hospital officials hope to locate the good Samaritan that dropped off a sack of human organs in the middle of the night so they can thank him.

Japanese with exceptional talent

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The Japanese comedian Akira100% dancing behind a pendulum while being completely naked. The pendulum starts dancing and holding “especially” parts of his body hidden behind the ball of the pendulum. Perfect synchronization!

The baseball player Danry Vasquez recorded on video beating his girlfriend

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A video from security cameras showing the baseball player Hooks Danry Vasquez beat his fiancee on August 3, 2016. When the video of the attack leaked released a few days ago, the team […]

Sexy woman on TV

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Wait for it…

Sex Robot: The Chinese company Exdoll has created robots that interact

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Chinese Dalian-based company EXDOLL exhibited their latest smart sex robot, able to make small talk with its user, turn on the dishwasher and offer physical comfort, in their hometown of Dalian, Wednesday. The company plans […]

Examination at the gynecologist

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A woman goes for a pelvic exam, but the situation seems to confuse doctors… A funny skit from the Dutch comedy show “A man visits the doctor”.