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Police taser use against canine

A resident of the town of Elgin in Illinois (USA), You should appear before the court on Friday after his dog allegedly attacked a police. However, ο Daniel Villanueva, the owner of the dog, It assures that Kron not only attacked police, but he was he who whistled and shouted the close of pit bull, and later shot him with a taser gun. To prove, refers to video from his uniform where police heard the whistle of the policeman yelling dog, and when he is approaching playfully wagging his tail despite attacks.

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1 Comment

  1. Ursula says:

    My thesis, that especially cowardly fearful rabbits work for the police (power device) is confirmed here.
    This asshole just tortured a kind dog, because he was full of pants.
    That belongs out of the service. He's not good for work.