Sex Robot: The Chinese company Exdoll has created robots that interact

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Chinese Dalian-based company EXDOLL exhibited their latest smart sex robot, able to make small talk with its user, turn on the dishwasher and offer physical comfort, in their hometown of Dalian, Wednesday. The company plans […]

Examination at the gynecologist

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A woman goes for a pelvic exam, but the situation seems to confuse doctors… A funny skit from the Dutch comedy show “A man visits the doctor”.

Extreme protection

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Spec commercial for Billy Boy condoms

Pedophile attacked by another prisoner in court

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In New Hampshire in the United States and only a few minutes after the sentence was announced the, the 29 year old pedophile Christofer Elgouel was attacked in the courtroom by another prisoner.

I can Fart the Star Wars Imperial March

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Finally…my love for Star Wars and farting can combine. Ohhh YURRR!!! hahaha

Violent motorcycle collision with car

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On Monday, July 24th at 10:40 am, the 24 year old Danny Raj Muniappan and 21 year old passenger Trivikram RL moving motorcycle on a highway in Singapore, when they collided with a car that had stopped on the road. By […]

Small children learn what sex it is their brother

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Very funny toddler reactions, when they learn from their parents what sex will have their sibling that will soon be born.

The porn Molly Cavalli bitten by a yellow shark

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The scene took place off the coast of Florida. The website Camsoda wanted to try underwater vivid shots putting a porn star in a cage surrounded by sharks. But the actress was unfortunate as it was bitten by […]

Japanese karaoke after… masturbation (It was fun)

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The Japanese love karaoke, so no wonder there is a similar game show. But to put a girl to deal with… tenderly the singer at the same time rather go too, although certainly […]

The policeman who had sex for the task exclusively OTINANAI

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Manos Voularinos and Peter Nicholas in a show without specific content and coherence (just like themselves) injuring many more people can. A show highly dedicated, to say what,what to yes, […]

Lickster – How to become an ace in oral sex

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Rumors say that this app will make snap Valentine…

“oral sex” a large company executives

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Women officers of Tencent company, which recently became the largest technology company in China, participate in intragroup game in which they try to open their mouth with a bottle lying at the feet of senior […]

Hotel California Solo – The Eagles – Acoustic Guitar Cover

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This my acoustic version of the legendary Hotel California Solo by The Eagles.

Sex Horse – The sex of the horse

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Sex Horse – The sex of the horse

The impressive battle scene from Indian movie “Baahubali”

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“The legend of Baahubali” is an Indian film fantasy directed by SS Rajamouli. Tells the story of a boy named Shivudu and decides to cross the forbidden borders, in order to search for his origins. […]