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Activists throwing bleach On the crotch of men that open their feet in the subway (Russia)

Anna Ntovgkaliouk, activist from St. Petersburg, It started on 25 September a video manifesto dedicated to the fight against «manspreading», the habit of some men sitting with open walk to public transport. The Ntovgkaliouk says that feminists are against this custom in many countries, but that so far in Russia, the problem has not been discussed.

“It is extremely important to draw people's attention to this issue, cause debate, Consequently, creating legislation that will punish the «manspreading», because it shows a lack of respect for women and children and is a disgrace to society ", said.

Some activist friends who share the same views, They threw bleach with water in the crotch of passengers in metro St. Petersburg who sat with their legs apart. In their view, thereby exhibiting their masculinity.


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They must finally put wider seats to ventilate we our @@ free, to stop this discrimination. Metro and men! Ζητώ συγγνώμη προκαταβολικά από όλο το γυναικείο πληθυσμό που θα στριμώξω λόγω των μικρών καθισμάτων και της ζέστης του παντελονιού που υποχρεωτικά φοράω για λόγους κοσμιότητας.