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Motorists rescue a woman from a burning car on

On Thursday, August 25, 2016 on Highway 17 Binghamton, in upstate New York, a truck caused a violent pile hitting several vehicles.

After the accident, a woman trapped in the burning car. Fortunately, quickly rescued by drivers finding close, because some people used fire extinguishers to slow fire, while others took the woman from the car.

Despite the impressive images, no deaths were reported in the accident. The woman came out with only a few scratches.

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  1. Megas_Mitsos says:

    You understand now why should we pyrosbestira in car?

  2. Patca Stefanos Avra says:

    I do not say and quickly!

  3. dimitris81gr says:

    What I notice is that most accidents are quickly mobilized attendees. In this case they passed more than 90 monday until someone throw a glance. Justify the first Monday because of Doom and shock, but the girl stayed within more than one,30 minutes without any assistance . Eftichos saved but could have died from suffocation or whatever. Finally good , all well.