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Excavation of a sfikofwlias in New Zealand

Being confronted with thousands of aggressive wasps, It's just a typical day at work for the researcher Dr. Bob Brown in New Zealand.

Braun research and excavate nests of wasps to investigate various pests like mites and fungi. In this recent video, Braun captures excavating a nest in Christchurch New Zealand. The video shows the scientist draped with a special protective suit, as he tries to remove the nest. Initially, There are only a few wasps flying around, but within a few seconds you'll see a big angry swarm. Their venom soon covers the camera lens.

Brown said he was surprised by the size of the nest, η οποία υπολογίζει ότι στέγαζε 3.000 έως 4.000 Wasps. Μετά από 10 λεπτά ανασκαφής, He walked away with only a pinch in the arm – and was very lucky as he explains.

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1 Comment

  1. Slayer says:

    I would do research with TNT.