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Malinois Waterslager canary – EKTROFEAS MALINOYA

True Waterslager can mimic the sound of a Brook flowing slowly. Can accelerate this sound until you reach the boiling sound. It is important to understand that if the Canary bird sings no song of water, not recognized as Waterslager, regardless of genealogy.
The song of this Canary is very prominent as sounds like water or like a Nightingale. The song of the water sounds like water flowing, water dripping into a lake or stream that flows. Malinois Canaries have the lowest and the highest range of notes from all the Canaries who sing.
Are relatively large birds with larger, cone-shaped beaks, more and more sharp bite out of the rest of the Canaries. When excited, the feathers on the back of their head lift,forming a top.


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