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Lyra: The MIME of the forest

The David Attenborough presents the amazing Lyre bird or Minoyros (migratory bird of Australia) which mimics the songs of other birds and sounds from the world of humans… From the documentary "Life of Birds" by BBC

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  1. mariossahamis says:

    The ultimate mp3 player recorder of nature. Tremble IPOD

  2. TakTak says:

    File Pavlo agorases when the bed that kimase the edeires the xylokopo that the Kai wood to-make special size pallets….?If yes then dikaioysai to prosfertheis ... Nice Ta Leme in theory but the reality is something else. Besides an ISE toso oikologos, that is not perfect nor Internet…..

  3. giorgos.argyrou says:

    Must bring it into the House to listen to after what had been said without , partial who distort the truth .
    The first time I meet this mimic bird , I know the Apr to , Common Blackbird , Parrot and now the Lyra Minoyros. Thank you very much .

  4. Amazing! I should of put human tape-recorded voices, to hear his version!..

  5. Paul says:

    The “bird” in order to c @ assess mimics everything …They sit on says! Especially those lumberjacks with chain saws (at the end of) When you catch the trick and is c @ assess will voluntarily offer my help and EGO!