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Hackers take control of a car from a distance

Two hackers created a tool that can take remote control of a Jeep Cherokee. A journalist takes part in the experiment that took place on a highway and a car parking. The first trial was conducted at a speed of 110 km / hour on a highway near the town of St. Louis in the United States. The driver was constantly on the phone with the two hackers who are several kilometers away. We told him that we should not panic especially, While gradually began to take control of the vehicle, opening the ventilation, changing radio station and activating the wipers. End, will turn off the motor and the gas pedal.

The second test took place in a parking lot where the two men were able to disable the brakes. In 2013, the two hackers had managed to take control of the car, but only via cable connection. Now they can do from home, and all this is possible because the carmakers converts the modern cars in “Smart cars”, connected to the Internet.


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