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Destroyed a bridge with a kick

A security camera on the city Gu China, captures the moment a young kicking a concrete pillar on a bridge. The column falls into the water, but entrain other columns 214 to which it was linked chains. The destruction continued along 700 meters.

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    chinese inox ………..

  2. John Vergos John Vergos says:

    kati tetoio 8a to perimena sthn Ellada pantws :P

  3. dimitris81 says:

    From that seem random at each individual column stroke it will be. My question : They sit and remake or became first time; If it had never happened before Mr. became so controlled, They are very fortunate. He could easily counter to kick the young , He was dropping a cyclist or anything else that could have the same momentum to the column and easily under conditions we had victims. A typical example where a mindless act may save lives. So you give birth and another question about young. Punished or unpunished;

  4. tidy says:

    Bridge Chinese standards…

    • dimitris81 says:

      a thumbs up. After not demolished entire,”again well” to say.

    • Active citizen says:

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