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Truck driver vs. cyclist

On Sunday February 24 in Singapore, an argument started on the road between a truck driver and a cyclist. The truck driver closed the road cyclist, and in retaliation the cyclist knocked the windshield of. Angry, the driver descended from his vehicle to continue the quarrel, but the answer was immediate cyclist with a punch in the face. The two men were arrested by police (with beating allegations the cyclist and reckless driving for the driver).


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And answering to the description by completing: …categories that definitely proved not stable in the case of cyclist, after he looks at two moments of the video to be in self-defense: one to protect his property and is meant to physical integrity and the second one with obvious aggression driver approached and there the cyclist the subjugated without unnecessary violence (video shows that there continues beating soon as the driver no longer considered a threat). In case the driver dangerous driving course certainly could be promoted to dangerous driving and deliberate attempt to cause bodily harm. I believe… Read more »