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The face of a young 9.000 years reconstructed three-dimensional

Her name is Dawn, and the last time anyone saw her face was before about 9.000 years in Greece. The skull was found in the cave Theopetra Trikala. He was 18-25 and “its name reflects the dawn of modern civilization”, says Nina Kyparissis-Dispatch, director of excavations Theopetra. He had a height of 1,57 meters. and, according to the anthropological examination, had anemia or scurvy, and some endocrine or metabolic problem.

Little is known about how he lived and died, but now archaeologists have been able to reconstruct her face. The face of Dawn discovered by researchers at the University of Athens at an event in the Acropolis Museum Friday.

The reconstruction of her face was no mean feat. an endocrinologist, an orthopedic, a neurologist, a pathologist and a radiologist needed to accurately reconstruct how the Dawn would look like. The reconstruction team was led by Manolis orthodontic Papagrigorakis, who noted that the museum and the bones of Dawn seemed to belong to a 15-year woman, her teeth showed that he was about 18 years old.

Apart from the group of doctors, University collaborated with Oscar Nilsson, Swedish archaeologist and sculptor who specializes in reconstructions. The researchers did a CT in skull and a three-dimensional printer created exact replicas of the scanning measurement.

This allowed scientists to “incarnation” the face of Dawn, calculating the anatomical muscles. While some of the features are based on skull measurements, other, such as skin color and eye, They are drawn by the general characteristics of the population in the region.

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