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The first visit of Iron Maiden in Greece (1988)

Excerpts from state television broadcast the first visit of Iron Maiden in Greece in 1988. The Greeks is metallers are improbable forms. The answer to the question of journalist “Why have you come here?” – “Not to see your face”.

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  1. geros21 geros21 says:

    the evil that men do….

  2. niram says:


  3. naslanis says:

    And Samina at the time that reportage mpekroetrwge with her PAL Papoulia. When the account you know what they said : ”Grafta in Greece ! ”

  4. naslanis says:

    and remember for 80s : ”shoe base ; walk-in ! ”

  5. naslanis says:

    ”Jackass without cause” .Eeeeee a movie for ”not to see your face”.