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Challenge: take a rod of gold out of a glass box

Can someone send a hand a gold rod 12,5 kg of the glass box; In this episode of the Japanese broadcast Knight Scoop, the Group received a letter from a student who talks about a mysterious gold rod that was impossible to pull out from a glass box.

This bar is located in the old goldmine of Sadogashima island in Japan, that has now turned into a Museum. The rod worth 400.000 Euro, It is placed inside a glass box, and can only be removed through a hole 8,5 cm in diameter, knowing that the plate is 7,8 cm in width.

A presenter of the show went to the area to try to pull out the rod. The first difficulty, the weight of the rod. The man explains that 12,5 kg of the weight of the bicycle. Second difficulty, pass the rods through the hole while holding someone with one hand. Mission impossible; No, as the museum guard says three people have already managed.


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