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The fastest pit stop in Formula 1

On Sunday June 19, 2016 during the Grand Prix of Formula 1, held in Baku, Azerbaijan, the driver Felipe Massa stopped in a pit-stop to change tyres, which lasted only 1,92 seconds.

The pilot should thank the 15 engineers of the Williams team for this achievement as it is the fastest that has happened so far. The Grand Prix was won by Nico Rosberg (Mercedes). The Felipe Massa finished 10th.

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  1. Agelos says:

    Four joints and 4 screws than 15 people who trained daily on a professional level I do not think is news. What multi making the stroke from the entrance and restraint of monothesioy from the guide of, in kathorismeni position by the ikanotites of engineering. Of course there are and exclusions as Ferrari's engineers pre Soymacher era.