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A small child falls into the casing of a gorilla at the Zoo

The Saturday, May 28, 2016 in Cincinnati Zoo in the United States, a gorilla 17 sacrificed after dropping a 4 year small boy inside casing. The child had managed to slip under a fence and dropped from a height of 3 meters into the gorilla enclosure.

The Harambe, the Gorilla, grabbed the child and began to pull several times by hand into the water. The animal appeared that was trying to protect a small child, but panicked by the screams of the crowd. Fearing that the gorilla weighing more than 180 pounds, will hurt the child, the ypeythinoi of the zoo decided to shoot him. They spent about 10 minutes between the fall of the child and shot. The boy was admitted to hospital with serious wounds, but his life is not in danger.

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  1. Vassilis Larisis says:

    A one questions please I will reply at the end.

  2. Parris says:

    What a pity…It is emfanestato that the Gorilla will not mind the child….a gorilla if he wanted would rush and with 2-3 hands would have killed the child in a second…..to gun for the murder had anesthitiko;;;

  3. dimitris81gr says:

    Had no anesthetic; I had to shoot him;