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The player needed haircut…

During a football match in Saudi Arabia, the goalkeeper of FC-Al Shabab, Waleed Abdullah, had to shear the hair, because the haircut was considered anti-Islamic by the authorities of the Kingdom.

The Saudi Soccer Federation has been instructed to banning haircuts style Al-qaza, where is shaved a portion of hair, a “phenomenon in contrast with Islam and the traditions of the Kingdom”, "as.

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  1. Underarm says:

    Stupid Islam…. religion for mental!

    • Vassilis Larisis says:


    • ntin1 says:

      Islam is the religion I think Nr, is something like a way of life what the prostazei Allah…I am not psaxto want AMA very good to exigo pragmata ;P

      • Vassilis Larisis says:

        Islam is a religion and a religion can be a way of life if one follows the. Less a religion and more attitude to life due to lack of Central Deity, contrary to most religions II, is Hinduism. The oldest AP II the current religions and the third to faithful after Christianity and Islam