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Rare footage from the days of the liberation of Athens from Germans, October 1944

0.01 - Top, titles, the marking film.
0.17 - Allied ship (probably English) proceeding to
a Greek port, allows men of the British army, and
Unload supplies, water camera
1.20 - Parade of allied troops in the Constitution and in other nearby locations in Athens.
1.40 - handmade poster that says «WELCOME GREAT ALLIES» and signature "CPG".
1.45 - handmade poster that says «THE GREEK PEOPLE WELCOME YOU» and signature "SCM".
1.48 - Allied tanks on the streets of Athens (l. h.. in
panepistimiou Street) and the Athenian people greets them and
2.17 - Panoramic shots of Athens, lykavittos Hill, columns of Zeus.
2.33 - Allies officers Acropolis.
2.48 - Scenes at the flea market, in the booth and again in outdoor
buy. Inflationary prices are soaring, the chartonismata that
changing hands counted in bundles and billions.
3.23 - Prime Minister George Papandreou disembark, and with the
accompanied by General Ronald Scobie inspect part of the ELAS, the
who logizotan, of course, as allied army [S. S.. The specific
scenes are, probably, the only known footage, and
derived from the British topical· the date is October 18
3.41 - Scobie and Papandreou in a car moving at Athenian
streets, with the world cheering, until you reach the Constitution,
where Papandreou deposits a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier,
Syntagma Square is full of people, that already has been divided
political and partisan, and each group has its own placards.


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