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Do it for mom!

The social welfare system in Denmark faces the problem of low birthrate. And this concerns all, especially mothers who won't have the opportunity to become grandmothers. But the travel agency Spies Rejser found the solution.

It is proven that people fall in love more often when you go on holiday and found in a sunny place. Doing exercises with their partner is also beneficial because the brain produces endorphins and enhance blood circulation to the genitals. All these help to increase the chances for sex and reproduction. So, If you are a mom who wants to be a grandma, the Agency offers a journey into your child!

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  1. Pali? says:

    Send your women in Greece summer! will eat for the winter and poutso! nor ypogennitikotita anymore, nor anything! KERATADES KRYOKWLOI!

    • Parris says:

      Buddy! If you notice better you will see that your advertising report on mothers of aneprokopwn sons not to girls who are already in the summer here……they know they will have a good time…..