After A 9-Year Journey, This Spacecraft Will Finally Reach Pluto

Imagine the stretch of outer space along the Milky Way like a 4.67 billion mile highway from planet Earth to Pluto, the former most-distant planet. Imagine NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, an interplanetary space probe, has been traveling along that highway for nine and a half years since its launch from Earth in January of 2006. This week, on July 14th, at approximately 7:50 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, New Horizons will fly past Pluto and its five moons.

Realistically, it’s the first time we’ll ever see Pluto. We have zoomed in on images from the Hubble, but the resolution is highly pixelated and leaves a whole lot of mystery to this distant body. You can follow along on the flyby on NASA TV live broadcast program, which will be live streaming all active communications from the spacecraft.

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