From crazy and from Giakoymato learn the truth

Now the escape, It said in the naivete of don't know. However Gerry Giakoymatos – guest in the broadcast radio Ntinopoyloy Argyris Real fm- He told a great truth which we all knew but had not publicly admit none politikantis. Namely that, polling companies, several times – not to say most- «Cook» the results of so-called public opinion research, According to the behind the scenes haggling that have with political parties.
Specifically when the neodimokratis member of Athens was asked by a reporter. Ntinopoylo – now that is fed from the n. Hatzinikolaou once found in unclaimed life policy- why the n. D shows no dimoskopiki rise given the policy applied by syriza, Giakoymatoy's response was disarming: "N. d has no money and owes and in dimoskopikes companies. The avenging their way».
If one does peanuts called Giakoymatoy the obvious conclusion from what emerges effortlessly: In the past the party of Samara was paying some companies to show results as Western interests in n. d. Now that this party went bankrupt financially – and not only- polling companies the blackmail to get money owed to them. Nice things.

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