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The tribe of Toulambis comes for the first time in contact with whites

1976, the Team Explorer Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux came for the first time in contact with the primitive tribe of Toulambis (Papua, New Guinea), whose members hadn't ever come in contact with the outside world and neither had seen man with white skin. The camera captured the fearful and full of curiosity their reaction.

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  1. carla says:

    Magnificent!! J’ai regardé les larmes aux yeux. Préservons-les de la pollution extérieure. Ils sont trop précieux pour la préservation du potentiel de l’intelligence du coeur humain qu’ils témoignent sans mots.

  2. Eva Stančíková says:

    The’ God — that's beauty — what's with them today??

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  4. ROUAULT says:

    since 1976, time many past ; these peoples shall cease to exist, or live in Western, in the suburbs of large cities, their natural world had to disappear !!!

    • Marie-Marcelle says:

      These people still exist, and well adapted to their environment. Major cities are not a solution, nor for Western, nor for them : they dehumanize.

  5. Katka says:

    Very nice and please let these people live how they live, perhaps because they are the last happy, conflict, natural and beautiful people. I wish there at that in one situation be. I watched almost breathlessly, but also with a smile. It ran several times while, but this time I said,, I have to save this happy tribe, Thus, if it is not already too late. Thank you for the pleasant variety of day and once again, please leave those folks live and how they live are happy without us…..

    • Don Viktor says:

      Awake Kate !!! It was filmed in 1976, before 42 years – You think, it was still the same??? Where once the white man enters leg, grass grows!!!