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The stupidity is unbeatable

In Reykjavik Iceland, a car enters an underground garage, the driver apparently drunk goes down from a gate of barbed wire. Then tries to pull the vehicle with the rear, but desperate after several unsuccessful attempts. End, will make another attempt at high speed…

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  1. Mistoklas says:

    Kai autoi oi anthrwpoi mporesan kai BGIKAN apo to mnimonio????ki emeis akoma mesa?

    • Vassilis Larisis says:

      Why, consider the Greek nation better; The Greek looks and feels with foreign criteria only foreigners. Without doing any. We are the “nothing” type non-existent and therefore ameletito.

  2. erik305 erik305 says:


  3. dimitris81gr says:

    The only stupidity is it is drunk….From then on has the unaccountable.