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Panic in the match Serbia – Albania

An Albanian flag with the map of Kosovo and “Greater Albania” that appeared to make the tour of the stadium with a drone, caused numerous incidents in Belgrade. May there were no fans of score, but when it appeared the small unmanned helicopter unknown operator, the stadium got fire. The bout was stopped at 40′ and the referee ordered players to go in the locker room. But shortly before leaving, the Mitrovic free flag, with players of Albania to react and attack. Conflict ensued between players and objects from the fans who started to come into the stadium. Then the police intervened.

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  1. George B. says:

    But in the great Andros Yugoslavia???
    Doing such in the Balkans? No…do not make!

  2. Thanasis Petropoulos N. Smyrni says:

    koyrades Albanian life blowjobs will make us. Greater Albania and paparies… poystarades

    • Res says:

      Let D skatoflore the plate, ναι ρε κάποτε ήταν μεγάλη Αλβανία το ότι είσαι εσύ κεφτες και δεν το ξέρεις άλλο πράγμα αυτό, και στο κάτω κάτω έγινε στην Σερβία το συμβάν γιατί σε καιει τόσο εσένα…. α ναι ορθόδοξα ορκ ξέχασα….

  3. Trampakoulas ... says:

    Re the unrelated Director, little wood showed no. Through distant shot.