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The musician with the majestic voice

The Luc Arbogast, a French musician and singer, has a unique talent. Can change the range of his voice with ease so that sings with female vocals. In music terminology is called "counter-tenor", i.e. the male singer with an area corresponding a major mezzo-soprano singer or a ypsifwnoy. Is a rare type, After a man with normal endocrine maturity is impossible to sing in such a pitch, Since the hormones increase the larynx voice making more low during puberty.

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  1. To kalo to palikari The black sheep says:

    Real talent like Mr Luc sing on the street for peanuts, and voiceless freaks like Gaga eating with golden spoons and must be shut EUR 100 for a ticket. I prefer to run away € 100 for a five-minute musical paradise despite today's musical abominations that are in fashion. A small sample of how unjust the world we live in.