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Very good reflexes

Chiang Rai of Thailand, a motorcyclist would escape in the last moment by a very dangerous conflict with car in intersection. The rider jumps quickly from his motorcycle when they hear the car arriving at high speed, a move that probably saved his life.

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  1. dimitris81 says:

    I believe that if her helmet may have been fatal on not pre-empted to avoid the car. .. a limited hearing, Although minimum, a limited visibility of the helmet which would make difficult looking back 180 degrees, to lose precious fractions of a second that for both escaped..

    • savasavram says:

      I don't want to in this, but the machines have mirrors…
      Besides the helmet in restricting, not saving…

      • dimitris81 says:

        xaxa…detail. The truth is that escaped me why and the guy turned his head back to make the decision to jump.