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Braking at 240 km / h

Motorcyclist braked sharply as it moves with 240 km / h on the motorway, and avoids the accident.

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  1. dimitris81gr says:

    Handsome guy. Δεν τον επικροτώ στο οτι τρέχει με 240, but temper that has. I have the impression that it could pass from the left if kratage speed and not frenare.Apo apparently would not have had time to get in the car across the lane. Therefore and overtook him casually after the incident…did not care. He knew what ekane.Kai besides, if he had become stressed, will not accelerate so strongly after. Θα πήγαινε σταθερά με 100 για λίγη ώρα μέχρι να το συνηδειτοποιήσει

  2. Underarm says:

    Όταν πας με 240 χιλιόμετρα ότι και να πάθεις σου αξίζει, but what fault of others who will come to your street;

  3. nikolaos sarris says:


  4. Skeparis says:

    So simple is an unrepentant jerk, you see him in front of the mirror with that speed;

    • epitelous says:

      so skotwnontai the anebazoyn the statistikes k malakes… and after you got the woman tells you how dangerous is the machine k posi skotwnontai… There's the kakia ora de Leo and ISE more ektethimenos but most everything from molluscs….

    • new says:

      consistent, the unrepentant asshole changing lane without flash but no reason..