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The sound from the microphone of Britney Spears

Isolated sound from the microphone of Britney Spears in a live concert in Las Vegas. So what happens behind the Playback;

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  1. The Candyman says:

    Anyway friend still takes off his horns and to gets thicker from you…

  2. Sorry says:

    Nice chick the Britney!! The tits already packed and the perfect leotard.

  3. thanasis says:

    polu peiragmeno einai fenete oti ths thn estisan!

  4. jack says:

    siga th blakeia peiragmeno einai

  5. Jim says:

    The industry knows how to put them all in place…

  6. dimitris81 says:

    ALL applaud them….No is only the britney. Let's put it once and from mad awards. There up the interviews for that seemed the awards made before they start.

  7. To kalo to palikari The black sheep says:

    My ears bleed.. And the other below the mullahs from the cheer already.