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The fair mug of Pythagoras

Pythagoras, According to local tradition of Samos, He has made a mug by applying the laws of physics to drinking in moderation wine. Internally, He had one line that stipulated that he had to fill up. A trickle above and emptied the entire cup of wine from a hidden hole in the base. But how is this done;

In the center of the Cup is a column mounted directly above a pipe, which leads to the bottom of. Therein lies the hidden hole. While we fill the mug, the wine level rises inside the Central column, following Pascal's law for the communicating vessels.

As the wine level does not exceed the line is engraved on the inside of the Cup, "don't run anything». But if we survive, simultaneously reaches the top of the internal column, so through the pipe the excess wine poured down from the mug. Then the hydrostatic pressure creates a siphon into the inner tube, which empties the entire contents of the cup from the hole that exists. So, the avid punished.

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