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“The Professional” alternate ending

The fans of the actor Jean-Paul Belmondo who died on 6th of September 2021, posted a video where the ending of the movie “The Professional” is altered. To the music of the great Ennio Morricone and almost half a century later, the protagonist does not die by the sniper. He still managed to get to the helicopter at the end…

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  1. Corinne says:

    Ah, I prefer but I love this film I will not stop watching it

  2. Marie-Françoise HOCHART says:

    oh that I like……………..

  3. Chris says:

    It smells of editing,,,the helicopter takes off starting backwards,,what could be the happening of the escort girl to the enver,,,since the helicopter passenger is wearing a pink jacket,,it can only be her and not bebel ...

    • Skratou says:

      yes well seen and e,n more we see the police pointing their weapons towards the castle.

    • Pierre Vansteenhuyse says:

      Effectivement en plus on peut bien lire sur les lèvres des acteursStoppez-leetIl faut le stopper, Farge”. Par contre une vraie happy end avec l’hélicoptère qui décolle a bien été tournée mais Belmondo a insisté pour que ce soit celle qu’on connaît qui soit dans le film. J’ai vu cette fin alternative sur un site il y a quelques années mais plus moyen de mettre la main dessus

  4. MACAVOY says:

    YES !!!