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Crow steals a thief's wallet

In the city of Kostyukovichi, Belarus, an 18-year-old went to the police saying they had stolen money from him. He said he left his backpack on a bench near a store, left for a few minutes, and when he returned he noticed that his wallet had disappeared from the backpack – containing 150 rubles. After viewing the videos from the security cameras, it turned out that a crow stole his wallet. The bird flew to the bench, examine the contents of the backpack, he took out his wallet and threw it away. Later, police discovered that the young man had stolen the money from a 52-year-old woman. A total of 300 Belarusian and 6 thousand Russian rubles. He managed to spend part of the amount and the crow flew with the rest to its beak. The young man now faces charges of theft.

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