Driver deliberately hits two cyclists

On Saturday, June 13, 2020 near Krempachy, Poland, an 18-year-old young driver who had a diploma for just 3 months, deliberately hit two cyclists on a small country road. According to the couple's wife, the motorist was aggressive and had a quick argument with her husband before hitting him and suddenly braking. The woman then fell on the back of the car. The woman suffered a shoulder dislocation while her husband's helmet broke in the accident. The driver's license was revoked by the young motorist.

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  1. dimitris81 says:

    Although such behaviors are reprehensible ,in this case, the 18-year-old caused it UNDERSTANDED due to inexperience. Due to the fact that he was a new driver, he did not yet have the appropriate experience for similar situations: meaning that while she was focused on how to stop the first cyclist, where after a menacing maneuver he braked next to him, did not calculate the 2nd cyclist correctly.
    Maybe he thought he had stepped aside behind the other and didn't even get into the process of looking in the mirror in front of his nervousness..

    The truth is that maybe he thought well, it just happened to be a little stupid the back that instead of going a little to the right or pressing BRAKES, he turned and went behind him with the result we saw. The chances were slim that this would not happen after such nervousness.

    Regarding the 1st cyclist, it is clear that he also has a share of responsibility because if one observes in the video..As the car approaches,the cyclist moves steadily in the lane one tack left even though after such a maneuver of the car , there was only a slight shift to the right of the cyclist ,even before the car was lined up on the road. The driver after such a maneuver thought that the cyclist would stop and so he boned the car to be side by side. But from the beginning the cyclist was caught by the egos and while in the end the driver left room for the cyclist, the cyclist preferred to pass “scratches him” as a result, not counting its center of gravity with the abrupt braking of the driver , to eat his face in the mirror. The blow was violent on the road which indicates that he did not intentionally fall on the mirror, although he did not change lanes or use the brakes.

    Besides , if it was intentional by the driver ,he would get up to leave and not panic by flickering the car until it stops and comes out.