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Excellent reflexes

On 13 January 2020 in Kotayq Armenia, the driver of a car loses control on the snowy road. The car is directed toward a man who had his gaze in the opposite direction. Fortunately, the man will perceive the danger and will jump at the right time to avoid the accident.

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  1. dimitris81 says:

    Excellent attitude of the press after the accident. Unless nothing happened, was reacted with smile. Few people have this skill. On the other hand we have the unacceptable guide, I doubt that even momentarily stepped horn, while that was about to hit the man,he seems to have been looking at the damage to his own car.

    The strange thing is that the pedestrian who appeared in the background on the right already had intensity while he had no vision so he must have heard horns probably from the suv as well as the SUV that had already opened the door before the other one crashed. Either he opened the door to steal it or because he expected it to fall into the paddock on the right and wanted to help him.

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