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“Here is a country where you drink a beer and eat pork” Secretary General Syrians in Greece says.

Parliament member of the extreme left wing party SYRIZA, mr Giannoulis declared it inhuman to bbq pork next to installations of muslim illegal immifrants. In protest, Greek nationalists organized a pork & beer barbeque next to where are held illegal muslim immigrants. In support of the Greek Nationalists came the Secretary General of the association of Syrians in Greece , Anhouar Bakhri. He declared: \”Enough with the dark ages, either in my homeland Syria or in Greece”. \”Here is a country where you drink beer and eat pork, and anybody should do say if it pleases him”. \”The refuggee crisis is a great scam of NGO trafficers and the UN”. By the end of his speech he was hailed and applauded by the Greek nationalists and he even drunk a beer and ate pork with them.

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