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restaurant owner terrorizes tourists (Albania)

Unhappy with the service of a restaurant in Porto Palermo Albania, Spanish tourists and their Albanian escorts (driver and front passenger) They left the restaurant, refusing to eat food that had served them. This is not at all liked restaurateur 51chrono, who climbed onto the hood of their car. Haywire, He remained anchored on the hood for several kilometers and broke the windshield with his hands, until he managed to pass his hand through the window and gripped the dashboard. When the vehicle stopped, The man tried to open the driver's door, but tourists have left and immediately alerted the police. The man was arrested after a while.

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  1. vas180 says:

    Welcome video went viral because bad lies half the people on the planet and pull off videos daily and furiously in the hope that one day it will become famous and wealthy from an incident that only they will pull… unremarked. But I grew up in Greece in the Balkans will tell you the facts as against 90% usually happens. The owner refuses to pay great starter demanded escorts for “high” tourism that they brought the. They decided to leave the food already ordered and go elsewhere (in this way they punish the restaurant who would either pay or lose even more since he would be left with an unpaid whole table). The restaurant did not chew and decided to treat the bums – escorts in the same way they treated him to take a lesson that not everyone is a hen in blackmail. They took advantage of it and disgraced him in this way. Any civilized person would have stopped earlier and called the police. The video stinks of clarification and the most unacceptable are those who are in the car, not the ap’ outside. This of course is a perspective, the police on the other hand can not present the backround and can only punish the one who committed the crime proven.

    • ca6mio says:

      And the restaurateur could simply yell the police and not to climb on the hood and not behave like primitive breaking and threatening but preferred the violence while completely random shop lacked authorization. In After all he is in his country and not be afraid of anything while tourists are alone in a foreign place is not famous for the rule of law, not even a member of the EU.