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65 year old woman refuses to pay a ticket (United States)

In Cashion, Oklahoma, a police officer stopped a driver 65chroni a defective rear lamp. She cut a call of $ 80, But the woman refused to sign. The policeman asked her to get out of the vehicle to capture the, but the woman refused and left the scene with her car. The policeman stopped her shortly afterwards and took it out of the car with the threat of the gun, and hit her with the shocker as resisting. End, instead of a mere infringement, the woman accused of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest of.

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  1. dimitris81gr says:

    What are those lads ;Obviously the woman was wrong but because the swore and went to escape the pull gun; If harm came after the heart shocker or ekpyrsokrotouse gun; It is a mere infringement throughout this treatment in 65 years old woman;It called to aid the block if not start edge A anrthopos. Let her break the glass and take the keys. What would you do if it was your mother;

    • solon says:

      Since you asked me to answer you:
      If my mother was a spoiled 65chrono who never learned in life to assume responsibility for its actions and without a second thought cursing whoever opposes the opinion or discretion would I sue because she gave birth and I made a gift to police where – unwittingly may – He gave a lesson many years Lélos my father did not succeed.
      You, solidarity humanist, would obviously sue the police officer for the cruelty he showed to Manuela and you would continue to vote for SYRIZA for a better and fairer world..