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Careless driver overturns his car

Highway in the United States California, a driver does not brake in time resulting in strike in front of a car and overturned.

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  1. GeRaSiMoS says:

    I doubt if his / her driver's car has diploma.

  2. dimitris81gr says:

    Not excluded that caused it and the motorcyclist with throttle control . He happened to revving the moment should not even eyelid lift guide. The moment you synideitopoiouse the driver brakes abruptly on , He had his mind on just throttle control who heard. Perhaps these fractions delay was quite.

    • John says:

      Hi Dimitri.
      If comments better the video you will see that the driver who caused the accident, do left before starting the crossbar in which it allows the rerouting. They would have to protect the rider and not to get ahead of. The driver lowers the machine speeds to reduce its speed, THEREFORE rev.
      Be well.

      • mak says:

        yes “Biker” blame because it is alitirios and brat and paliocharaktiras…
        not the innocent and legitimate policies and guidelines of a respectable car you simply like to change lanes ,little ungainly…
        eh mind that there