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Armed robber enters the wrong house

On Sunday February 17, 2019 in Idaho Falls in the United States, A gunman tried to rob a house, but came face to face with the owner of, Caspian Shamel, who attacked immediately. The scene took place at around 1:30 am. and was recorded by a security camera. A man armed with a rifle and wearing a black hood entered the house. Marked the woman who was lying on the couch and the man who came out of the kitchen. The latter immediately reacted and grabbed the attacker's gun putting all his strength not to let him go. The burglar tried to leave his gun and drew the man up the stairs. Outside the house, the villain fell on icy road and the owner was able to disarm him and immobilize him. Then she called the police who arrested him.

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  1. Lol says:

    I love it how the lady at the end just runs away into another room XD

  2. Shura says:

    The first step of the braver guy after incident should to evict the bitch that could help,but not.