A cat can not stand the songs of her owner

A woman records the aggressions of her cat, whenever you begin to sing. It seems that the cat has at least musical taste.

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  1. Friday Ntelifilippidi Friday Ntelifilippidi says:

    Does the EIN Lucretia by Arkas;;;;

  2. Vaios Karanikas Vaios Karanikas says:

    new video expect a gavgav sized horse to do the same ! 😊

  3. Nikos Sotiropoulos Nikos Sotiropoulos says:

    source A. Such a will buy you

  4. Lefteris Manousakis Lefteris Manousakis says:

    Nikos Kritsotakis

  5. Julianna Maria Julianna Maria says:

    Tonio K.