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Man chasing insect with a screwdriver

A man in the United States Oregon, chasing a big moth holding a screwdriver. In his attempt to hit her (?) the tip of the screwdriver will be launched and will break the glass of a French window. Official nomination for Darwin Award.

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  1. Paris says:

    Why are you laughing;;; We have close to moth look pricey stop frame what happened…the karate kid o Daniel-son grabbed the fly with CHOPSTICKS ....!!!!
    This particular with “a” move the “nailed” with screwdriver…;;;

  2. dimitris81gr says:

    Candidacy, he would take if he tried to hit on tzami..Ston air went to chtyp'isei and simply not sk'eftike as others imagine that many would leave the nose due to angular momentum. Unless the candidate takes her because that was keeping screwdriver and not a cloth or something more plain.