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The moment a wrestling match turns into reality

In 1977 during a Catch match in Japan between the wrestlers 'Great Antonio’ Barichievich και Antonio Inoki, things took a strange turn.

Although the Canadian-Croatian Antonio Barichievich was for years a professional at Catch wrestling, suddenly decided to “not sell” the movements of his opponent, that in the terminology of Catch means that did not pretend for a moment that his opponent hits him. He stood motionless at every blow that accept, showing that they are “invulnerable”.

This move was of course out of the rules of professional wrestling that requires histrionics of the two opponents, Japanese and Antonio Inoki started getting nervous. When Barichievich at a time repeatedly hit Inoki neck, enough is enough. The Japanese irritated, He threw down his opponent and began pounding him on the head with his boot. The public did not understand what had happened, But the Great Antonio was blooded in the ring.

The video says comedian Bill Burr.


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